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LAKSHMEE MAHIMAA -The Glory of Goddess Lakshmee by  Smt. Naveeta Maharaj.






A guide to the worship and adoration of Goddess Lakshmee.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Goddess Lakshmee
Chapter 2 - The Five days of Divaali
Chapter 3 - Mahaa Lakshmee pooja
Chapter 4 - Lakshmee Vandanaa
Chapter 5 - Bhajans
Chapter 6 - The Eight Legends of Ashta Lakshmee


JYOTIR VYGYAAN - written by Pdt. Munelal Maharaj and Smt. Naveeta Maharaj.


The 9 Steps of Devotion

Poojaa Ingredients

Poojaa Bidhi

Symbolism in Pooja

This is an excellent book on Hinduism and no Hindu's home should be without a copy. Excerpts from the book can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link. 

SATYA SAI BHAJAN MAALAA - An offering of Love to Love - written by Pdt. Randhir B. Maharaj and Smt. Navetaa Maharaj.

DEATH AND THE SOUL'S JOURNEY - Pdt. Munelal Maharaj, Pdt. Randhir B. Maharaj and Smt. Naveeta Maharaj. 


POOJAA VANDANAM - Book & CD-set - Pdt. Munelal Maharaj 

Foreword and Table of Contents

Released in October 2009, this special offering comprises a booklet with a basic pooja that can be applicable to any deity or festival, together with a CD with Mantras to guide you through the pooja rituals.


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