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Naveeta Maharaj is a member of the Chaguanas Hindu Temple and Sai Centre. With her family being founding members of the Mandir, she was quite literally born into the Mandir. Growing up and spending most of her time in this environment, she began singing at the age of 5 and playing harmonium and keyboards at the age of seven. She is now actively involved in the conducting of all the Mandir’s devotional services, including weekly services, satsangs, yagnas and observances of special festivals and other religious occasions. She also participates in the many service-oriented and community-based activities of the Mandir.

 With such a strong religious and moral foundation, she continued to strive for excellence in her academic studies as well, winning a National Scholarship at A’Levels and going on to achieve a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and M.Sc. in Communications Engineering.

However, her love for the religious and spiritual aspect of life led her away from the secular field.


Together with her husband, Pdt. Munelal Maharaj and her father, Pdt. Randhir Maharaj, she has dedicated herself to conducting extensive research into the field of Hinduism and practical spirituality.  Their aim is to condense this knowledge, and publish it in the form of simple texts that can be of assistance to the Hindu population who are seeking answers to so many questions about their religion. They have also begun conducting workshops to introduce Hindu youths to the true wealth of Hindu philosophy, which has sadly been ignored by the majority of our Hindu leaders.

She also occasionally accompanies her husband in his travels throughout the world, spreading their message of spirituality, and is also featured in several of his devotional CD’s.

She and Punditji are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Vaishnavi and Saakshi. Vaishnavi has already recorded songs for several CD's and both girls are featured in their DVD recording. Naveeta believes that motherhood is the greatest vocation of all.

Her message to the youths is: “Know yourself and believe in who you are. Never sell yourself short. You are a spark of the Ultimate Divinity – what is there that you cannot accomplish?”


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