Rig Veda – Hymn of Creation


In the beginning

There was neither existence nor nonexistence

Neither sky nor heaven beyond …


That One breathes, without breath, by its own power,

Nothing else was there …


The first born was the Creative Will,

The primordial seed of the mind.

The sages, searching for the truth within their own hearts,

Realized the eternal bond between the seen and the unseen.


This bond was an endless line stretched across the heavens.

What was above?

What was below?

Primal seeds were sprouting, mighty forces moving,

Pulsation below, pure energy above.


Who here knows? Who can say for sure?

When it began and from where it came – this creation?

The gods came afterwards

So who really knows?


From where this creation came,

Whether He formed it or not,

He who watches everything from the highest heaven,

Only He knows – or perhaps He does not know!



Upanishads – The One


Though the Infinite One is without colour,

He colours the entire universe;

Though immortal,

He is born, lives and dies.

That One is all that was, is, and will be

Yet He is always the same.


He is the Supreme, Unchanging Absolute.


He becomes the fire, the sun,

The wind, the moon;

He becomes the starry heavens,

The vast waters, giving life to all.


He becomes the woman, the man,

The youth and the maiden too;

He becomes the old fellow

Tottering in his staff;

He becomes every face

Looking in every direction.


He becomes the blue butterfly,

The green parrot with red eyes;

He becomes lightning, the seasons,

The endless seas.


Without birth or death,

Beyond all time and space,

He is the One from whom

Every world is born.



Upanishads – The Supreme Self


The Lord of all,

The knower of all,

The beginning and end of all –

That Self dwells in every human heart.

Look out – it’s gone.

Look in – it’s gone.

Don’t look – it’s gone.

It cannot be remembered.

It cannot be forgotten,

It cannot be grasped by any possible means.

It is beyond all limits and bounds.

It is the pure oneness where nothing else can exist.


To know it, you must become it!


It is the final resting place of all activity,

            Peaceful and unchanging,

            The ultimate good,

            One without a second,

It is the Supreme Self.

It, above all else, should be known.



Bhagavad Geetaa - Divine Manifestations


Lord Krishna:

I am the source of everything,

And all worlds come out of Me;

Knowing this, the wise ones honour me

In the cave of their hearts.


To those of unswerving devotion,

Who worship me with love,

I give the boon of discrimination

By which they come to me.


Dwelling within

As pure consciousness,

I destroy the darkness born of ignorance

With the shining lamp of true knowledge.


I am the Supreme Self

Dwelling in the hearts of all creatures;

They are born in me, sustained by me,

and in the end, return to me.


Listen, Arjuna, I can only tell you of

My most prominent formsl

For my divine power

Is endless in extent.


Of the sun gods, I am Vishnu,

Of lights, the radiant sun;

I am chief among the wind gods,

the moon in the starry sky.


Among rituals, I am the chanting of sacred names,

Mong gods, I am Indra, king of heaven;

Among sense organs, I am the mind,

And the pure intelligence of all beings.


I am the glorious Shiva among gods of destruction,

Lord of wealth among the keepers of fortune;

I am the pure flame among the fire gods,

The great Meru among mountain peaks.


O Arjuna, know me as an instructor of the gods,

Chief of heavenly priests;

Of generals I am Skanda, god of war,

Of bodies of water, I am the ocean.


Among great sages, I am Bhrigu,

Among words, I am the eternal sound, OM;

Of sacrifices, I am the repetition of God’s Name,

Of all that is immovable, I am the Himalayas.


Among trees, I am the holy fig tree

And Narada among divine seers;

Of heavenly musicians, I am their leader,

Of perfected souls, the sage Kapila.


Of horses, I am the radiant stallion,

born from the ocean of pure nectar;

among royal elephants, I am the king’s mount,

among men, their loyal protector.


I am the thunderbolt among weapons,

The wish-fulfilling cow among cattle,

I am the god of love begetting children

And Vasuki, king of snakes.


I am the endless serpent, Ananta,

The lord of all sea creatures;

I am Aryaman, the greatest of the ancestors,

And the Lord of Death, reckoner of every deed.


I am Prahlad, the devoted son of demons,

And Kaala (Time), the measure of all that endures;

Among beasts, I am the lion,

And the Lord’s eagle (Garuda) among birds.


Of purifiers, I am the wind;

The great Raama among warriors;

I am the shark among sea creatures,

And the River Ganga among all waters that flow.


O Arjuna! Of all creation

I am the beginning, middle and end;

I am the supreme knowledge of the Self,

The eloquence of every orator.


Of letters, I am the letter A,

Of compounds, the simple pairing;

I am the Creator, facing all directions at once,

And time inexhaustible.


I am Death, devourer of all,

And also the origin of all things yet to be;

Among the feminine virtues, I am fame, fortune,

Eloquence, wisdom, gratitude, patience and forgiveness.


I am the Great Chant of the ancients,

The metre of Vedic hymns;

The first cool months of the yer, the Spring bursting with flowers.


I am the loaded dice of the tricksters,

The radiance of shining heroes;

I am victory, effort,

And the wisdom among wise.


I am Krishna among the mighty Vrishnis

And Arjuna among the Pandava princes;

I am the great Vyaasa among sages,

And Ushana, the illumined poet.


I am the judging rod of rulers,

the shrewd tactics of ambitious men;

I am the silence of secret things,

The truth of ancient knowledge.


O Arjuna, I am the primal seed

Of all existence;

No being, moving or unmoving,

Can exist without me.


O Great Warrior, there is no end

To the forms of my divine power …


All that exists,

All that is beautiful, radiant and powerful,

Is but a spark

Of my brilliant Light ...


And here I stand, supporting the entire world,

With one fragment of my being.






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